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When it comes to the University of Oklahoma, most think of football, which they rightfully should. OU is not only an athletic powerhouse, but also a prestigious academic institution. What got the University moving in the old days however, was football.

OU has the second best football program in NCAA history according to ESPN, following only Ohio State. In my time as a student, OU has won many national titles; however, none have been in football.

The softball team has won back-to-back national titles in 2016 and 2017 and is good shape to win a third this coming season. The softball team is lead by head coach Patty Gasso. Gasso has been at OU for many years and has even brought some of her family on to the OU coaching staff. Without her experience and leadership, the softball team couldn’t of won those titles or even of been able to recruit the players they have currently.


Not only have the softball team won back-to-back championships, but so did the Women’s Gymnastics team in 2016 and 2017. OU is the powerhouse school for gymnastics. Although many others compete and are very respected, OU’s program the past 4 years beats out all the others. The Women’s Gymnastics team has has 3 titles in the past 4 years. Does OU sound like #ChampU yet?

For three years straight, the Men’s Gymnastics team has been crowned national champs. Since 2015, no other school has been able to knock off the Sooners. A dynasty of the top end gymnasts has belong to OU since 2002, as we’ve won 8 national titles in 15 years. With OU having international and world champions, it seems the program is on track to hopefully win its fourth championship in a row. Boomer!

In 2017, the Men’s Golf team won its first title since 1989. One of OU’s golfers even was able to participate in the most recent Master’s Tournament which hosts the best golfers in the world and is arguably the most recognized PGA event. The golf program was an underdog the entire season and postseason, but the determination by the coaches and players allowed their #OUDNA to pulsate through. Champions are made here.

Since I have been a student, OU has won nine national titles. That is more than two a year. Most Universities can’t even obtain one in a decade. OU has been self-decsribed as #ChampU after all of our titles in recent years and it helps prove our #OUDNA campaign saying that winning and championships runs in our veins. Not only on the court, mat, or field but also in the classroom.

Each year, OU has not only athletes win All-American Honors for their athletic ability, but also their academic ability. OU is a place for people that want to win and progress their athletic ability and their education.

Now, back to Oklahoma’s pride and joy, their football program. OU has had a winning season every year I have attended and hasn’t had a season where they fell under .583 since 1998. Since 2014, OU has won two conference championships which have been back-to-back the last two seasons. The expectation is to have another one this year; however, with an aggressive Big XII conference this year, the goal will be difficult to achieve. ┬áThe main impact player for OU this year is their quarterback, Baker Mayfield. Mayfield has finished in the top five for the Heisman voting and seems to be a contender again this year.

2017-2018 looks like another promising year for the University. For the OU Men’s Basketball team, we are predicted to be a top ten team for the year, especially after addition of Norman native, Trae Young.

OU athletics are hard to beat, not only on the field/ court, but also in sales and academics. OU is top University in almost all aspects; however, athletics is still what they are known best for.


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